I entered a black hole recently. Some astronomers believe that nothing can escape a black hole. They apparently haven’t dealt with the black holes of the mind.

But haven’t you been in a black hole once or twice in your life? When life keeps pulling you down into a darker place. The event horizon rapidly approaches and there is no retreat. There is no human way to escape from the abyss. The problems keep heaping up. The dreams keep collapsing. Those close to you either abandon you or drag you closer to the darkness.

In my case, some decisions created the black hole. I kept looking for clear answers for the future (ok, yes it was irrational), which continued until I couldn’t act on either of the possibilities.

So how did I reach escape velocity? Through family, friends, faith, and mentors. One of my mentors posted a picture on Facebook. It contained a tapestry she’d recently created and talked about the story she was weaving with it.

The light is brightest at the event horizon, the moment of decision. The place where you plunge into darkness, or reach escape velocity. Stars explode. Supernovae obliterate the darkness. Why did I think I had to decide between two things? Why couldn’t they combine?

I witnessed the birth of a new star, a new idea, a new direction.

Escape velocity achieved! I left the black hole of my soul and returned to the joy of creation. I even designed a tapestry for weaving them together. Hopefully, I will get it woven before I enter my next black hole.

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