More and more I view creation as a vital part of the soul. After all, when we look into the night sky, aren’t we looking back at creation? There is so much mystery involved I believe I could spend all of my life exploring the creative element of my being and that of every living thing.

I realize diversity is a big issue right now and I’m not trying to jump on that bandwagon. But when you look at the diversity of the stars and planets, is it not reflected in the diversity we see on Earth? I don’t understand those people that can’t accept different beliefs, eye color, skin color, or languages. Is the robin a lesser bird than the blue jay? Is a horse better than a zebra? Is a pink iris more beautiful than a pink rose? They’re all a part of creation, just genes arranged a different way.

This also applies to creative life. Is a poet less than a novelist? Is a painter more accomplished than a sculptor? Of course, I have to bring in weaving. Is someone that creates a magnificent fabric better than a weaver of tapestry?

We’re all given various talents and skills. What matters is that you create something, whether a cake, a drawing, or a motorcycle with those skills. Remember that adage about hiding your light under a basket? That light is your creativity. Let it shine! Create a motor, a bicycle, a photo, a poem. Use your talents and skills to shine a light on this world.

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