My husband and I recently drove through the Flint Hills in Eastern Kansas. Puffs of clouds glided across the sky, creating a patchwork of dark and light green on the prairie. Towards the end of our drive, the sun had a sheer veil of clouds cover it. It diffused the light in such a way that it looked like a giant spotlight brightened the hills. There is no way I could ever find the words to share the beauty of that moment. I wanted to share what I saw and took a lot of bad pictures out of the car window. Of course, the glory photos aren’t good enough to share, but I do hope to capture what I saw in my heart and weave a tapestry of the Flint Hills with the play of light and dark, and then light shining through.

Isn’t that what life is all about? Identifying the light and dark places in our heart, within others, within nature itself.

There are always periods of darkness. That’s why I celebrate the light whenever I can.

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