Earlier this year, I wrote out my intentions for 2018. It’s August, so I’ve had time to mull them over and decided to share them with you.

To me, intentions are something you strive for, but don’t beat yourself up if you don’t accomplish them.

Here they are:


At some point in time I bought into the philosophy if I take many writing courses, I will write something in a short time. Something wonderful. Something that will make agents and editors say, “Wow! Where has she been?” Something that is medal winning on the first try. Along the way I’ve learned there is no magic class to make my writing instantly successful. I have to put in the time. So…

Intention #1. Less writing courses and more seat time actually writing.


In the past year, I’ve developed a love of tapestry weaving. I’m as passionate with it as I am with writing. Weaving is full of color, patterns, pictures, and the sense of touch. All of those fibers ache to be touched, petted, nudged into something delightful. I’ve completed seven small tapestries this year. Three brought me delight. The others were good learning experiences.

In many ways, weaving and writing are alike. They both take basics (words, fiber) and manipulate them into a thing of beauty. It takes many years to create a beautiful product.

Intention #2. Practice. Each day, work to create a thing of beauty. If I practice enough, eventually I will have something to share with the world.


All people go through periods of success and trials. The last few months have had many trials, but many successes, also. In all of these, I need to focus on the moment. That’s all that exists. My job is to see the Light in each of these, or be the Light to others.

Intention #3. Follow the Light or Be the Light. See what is good in each moment and celebrate it.

If I work on these intentions each day, it will be a fantastic life!

Ok. So I haven’t done so well. I’ve forgotten these were intentions, and so I’ve been beating myself up. A lot. One side effect of being a teacher for so many years, is that I’m great at writing goals. Making the transition to intentions hasn’t worked so well.

So I’ll pull a Scarlett O’Hara. “Tomorrow is another day!”

But why wait until tomorrow. I will renew my intentions today.

2 thoughts on “2018

  1. Thanks for sharing. I enjoy the way you express your thoughts even when your beating yourself up.
    The photos you’ve shared of your weaving are impressive and I look forward to seeing more.
    You’re retired, take a breath and let your writing and weaving flow as the spirit guides you.


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