Exploring Books

Books. They are literally my life. They have influenced me, encouraged me, sparked my imagination, and helped me through many difficult times.

My parents loved books and reading. I don’t ever remember my dad without a book nearby. Mom would make up her own version of folktales and planted the voices of characters in my brain.

The first books I really remember speaking to me were fairy tales and folktales. I’d go to my room and pretend I was the princess being rescued from a tower by the handsome prince. My favorite “imagining” was from The Wild Swans, where I could be the heroine who saved her brothers. Finally, I made up stories and acted them out in my head, always with a strong heroine.

In my senior year of high school, I got the job that changed my life. Mrs. Black, children’s librarian extraordinaire, hired me as a student assistant in the children’s section of my public library. Children’s literature had improved exponentially from my younger years. I was also exposed to classics I’d never seen or heard about. The Hobbit. The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. A Wrinkle in Time. Where the Wild Things Are.

Stories, fiction or nonfiction, stoked the stories in my head. The job in the children’s department helped me discover my life’s goal – to pass on wonderful stories to children. My imagination continued to act out stories, but I never thought about writing them.

I didn’t have the courage to pursue writing my own stories until my youngest child left for college. By then, I wanted to share these tales with others. At last, I had time to learn more about writing fiction and nonfiction.

If my stories get published, that’s wonderful. To touch children’s lives with characters that give them hope and courage is my new goal. If they don’t get published, I’ve learned a lot about writing and met wonderful people along the way. And the stories and characters that populate my mind are great friends to have around.

My genre of choice is fantasy, science fiction, and biography. Please take a look at the recommended reading page. Hopefully, one of these books will spark your imagination, too.

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